Personalized Consulting for All Things Apple

from space video distribution to Mac computers

Huntsville Peeps: If you have an old Mac, iPhone, or iPad that you no long user, but are nervous about getting rid of because there is still old data on there, I’ll sanitize and dispose of it for free. Get in touch with me to work out pick up or drop off.

Bryan Walls can share his expertise in the world of Apple computing to meet your needs. He can help you to:

  • Choose the right new Mac
  • Transition to a new iPhone
  • Configure your iPad
  • Troubleshoot your home network
  • Start doing backups
  • Install an Apple TV
  • Kick off your Smart Home with Apple’s HomeKit
  • Get started with an Apple Watch
  • Make your devices work together
  • Upgrade to the latest OS and software

Bryan has decades of experience as a Macintosh and iOS user, both professionally and personally. He can likely help with your computer, Internet, or network issues, especially around Apple devices.

Consulting available in your home, by phone, or over the Internet. The rate is $70/hour, billed in 15-minute increments.