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Stolen Device Protection Plus Apple Camera and Photo Tips

Stolen Device Protection I wrote last year about the danger of a thief stealing your iPhone after getting your Passcode. In iOS 17.3 Apple released a fix for that, called Stolen Device Protection. It is not turned on by default, but you probably want to turn it on, especially before you travel. I’m going to…
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Apple Software Update Season

It’s software update season in Apple’s world, with major new software updates for nearly everything. On Tuesday, September 19, 2023, Apple released Version 17 for the iOS family of operating systems, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch. This last Tuesday, September 26, 2023, brought Sonoma, which is macOS 14.0. Several older versions of macOS…
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First Light!

Welcome to my first post to the MacStuff mailing list/blog! My goal is to provide occasional content that will improve the life of Mac users who don’t live and breathe computer stuff.  This first post includes a Mac feature you may not know about and a good deal on a MacBook/iPad/iPhone power supply. Use an…
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